Come join an international day of hacking on Swarthmore's campus

Come together with the Swarthmore community and build awesome technology for 12 hours! Meals and swag provided, snazzy prizes to be won. Hacking will commence in SCI 101.

No CS experience necessary, we need designers and creatives in addition to coders! Students from Tri-Co and other Universities and Colleges are welcome :)


Check out our Facebook page as well for updates!

Registration will begin between 8-9am, with Keynote following at 9am. Follow the campus map to the Science Center to find where the magic takes place in Sci Commons and Sci 101.

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Denise Crossan
Swarthmore College

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Shayna Nickel
Heverford College

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Jason Jin
Swarthmore College

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Kwate Quartey
Swarthmore College

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Difficulty
    Did the hack tackle a difficult technical problem? This can reward projects that might be difficult conceptually but area great ideas. We love original ideas that are ambitious and unique.
    Does the hack have a social/worldly impact? Will it influence change in a community or area? We want to reward people for thinking about others, and making the world a better place.
    Is the hack a novel solution, or something clever that you haven’t seen or thought of before? Ideas along these lines are exciting and fun in their use of technology.
    Did something really just knock-your-socks-off? This can be felt more often than explained, and is sometimes different for different people.